Sugar & Spice Patisserie – Joondalup Shopping Centre

On the ground floor of the vast shopping centre at Joondalup outside Myers there is a quaint French inspired coffee and cake stall. I guess that is what you would call it. I believe they refer to it as a boulangarie, where ready made sandwiches and quiches, etc are also available apart from traditional patisserie … Continue reading Sugar & Spice Patisserie – Joondalup Shopping Centre

Moments Cafe – Joondalup

Joondalup has a vibe like no other city I can think of. Modern, youthful, spacious CBD, suburbs, coastal living, lakeside living, academic, business parks, rail corridor, laid back, and peaceful. The youthful CBD has all the infrastructure in place now, and for future expansion, for government services, university, health campuses, police academy, commercial, retail, parks, … Continue reading Moments Cafe – Joondalup

Michel’s Patisserie – Bakewell

I love sampling franchise food outlets. The big branding, the logos, the professional eye-catching colour schemes, the larger than life posters on the walls promising quality, freshness, and taste. How could it fail? The procedures, policies, and tried and tested systems seem so foolproof that even the prospectus online may mention that you don't have … Continue reading Michel’s Patisserie – Bakewell