About me

Raised in Darwin since 1978 I have seen many changes. One of the more significant changes in the social realm is the evolution of the food scene. From the days of the humble pizzerias, pancake parlours and dimly lit restaurants serving up their home-cooked ethnic-inspired fare, the food scene now ranges from organic inspired cafes in arcades to fine dining at it’s best – and almost everything else conceivable in between. No longer do you have to travel to the city area for a decent meal out, almost every suburb with a retail precinct offers something ‘foody’.

Writing my own reviews based on what I see, smell and taste has also been an evolving dream over the past few years. After talking about matters of faith and family, food is next on my list. While the other f’s in my life have their own output, I now share my observations and thoughts on the other f for a season through this site. This site will inspire me to track down anything anywhere.

Travel and music also play a large part in my life – so don’t be surprised to see reviews from my travels away from home, or somehow linked to other endeavours of life.

A friend once commented to me that if you have a favourite genre of music, then you haven’t listened to enough music. Taking that train of thought, if you have a favourite cuisine, or cafe, or restaurant, then perhaps you haven’t explored far enough yet…