Over Bored Cafe – Hilarys Boat Harbour

Puns in cafe names… love them or hate them, there will always be some that make you groan. ‘Over Bored’ did just that to me when I came across the cafe located at the end of Sorrento Quay boardwalk at Hilary’s Boat Harbour. Perhaps it’s a tradition that goes back to the classic British pub names like the ‘Fawcett Inn’, ‘The Office’, or even the Barge Inn’.

The Over Bored is one of those cafe / restaurants you could easily spend all day in. There is a great menu to choose from covering all the basics and some specialities as well.

While walking through the area recently I stopped in with my Beloved for a mid-morning coffee and cake. The weather was perfect for a rest by the ocean along the boardwalk and so I ordered a skinny flat white coffee and a sweet treat. But not just any old sweet treat; I wanted to make sure there was something that the cafe had actually cooked or baked in-house themselves, and not brought in from a third party supplier.

Which is how, in a few short moments time, I happened to be making my way through the most handsome looking and delicious apple and cinnamon muffin I think I have ever eaten. Plump, tender, moist and full of chunky apple, it was a real treat. Unusually for me, I asked the cashier to warm the muffin up ever so slightly.

And ever so slightly warmed it was. It arrived at the table smelling and feeling like it had just finished being rested from the oven and it was now ready to serve. Amazing…

The coffee also was amazing. A strong, rich coffee which was more like a topped up long macchiato. The aftertaste easily cut through the tasty muffin spices lingering in my mouth and reminded me for quite some time afterwards of what I had drunk.

As I mentioned, Over Bored is one of those places you could sit in at chat all day. If it’s too hot outside, move inside. Tired of watching people walk by, simply move seats and watch boats come and go from the marina. I wish life was really this simple everyday.

I found the staff most obliging and willing to help in anyway. The prices were reasonable considering the prime location, and there was something for everyone on offer. The views are spectacular and the seating choices almost limitless.

This is truly a great find amongst the plethora of cafes dotted along and within Hilary’s Boat Harbour.

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