Dome Cafe – Trinty Arcade

Dome Cafes are those iconic olde worlde Cafes that have me yes that try to be both informative and part hipster. At best, they provide some light-hearted trivia while waiting for your order.

At the St Georges end of the Trinity Arcade is one such Dome Cafe. The ambiance is as you would expect of this chain, details of which I have covered in an earlier episode. The charm, fit-out and familiarity is unmistakable. If there is any change to be had from other Dome Cafe, it will be in the people – the human factor.

I was greeted by a rather abrupt young lady from behind the counter who clearly had other things to do than take my order. I ordered my bacon and eggs – soft poached, and was given the choice of white, wholemeal, or ciabatta to have the meal with. A choice I never knew existed at my local Dome back home. To enjoy the meal with I also ordered. Skinny flat white coffee in a cup. Cheekily I asked if their coffee was made better than the Darwin coffees, and the server chuckled and smiled and told me that without a doubt it was.

After a short wait my coffee arrived. Placed sharply down on the smallish table with force and without a smile, the single word ‘here!’ If said would have had the same impact as the verbalised ‘your coffee!’ did.

I have mentioned before my disappointment with Dome coffee and wondered to myself whether it may have been just a local problem. This coffee did not change the perception. Marginally better than my last Dome coffee, the lukewarm brew had a nice initial bite of flavour, which quickly was overtaken by the taste of warm milk. The more I drank the coffee, the less pronounce the bean was and it finished up being just another unsatisfying Dome coffee.

The bacon and eggs did little to excite me either. The menu promised grilled bacon. This bacon, while trimmed and fat free, was swimming in the tell-tale sign that it had been fried in oil – either in a pan or on a griddle. The oil had ponded both in the bacon, and underneath the toast.

The saving grace here were the eggs. Tasty and soft, just I had expected. Still warm and perfectly runny, the eggs were delightful. The toast was simply that – slices of store bought wholemeal and heavily buttered.

All the ambiance in the world could not have saved this breakfast.

All up, a disappointing breakfast – save for the eggs. Lukewarm coffee bordering on insipid; bacon undoubtedly not cooked as per menu; and fairly abrupt and distracted service. Overall I would have to say that this trip to Dome was simply a lacklustre experience.

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