The Coffee Club – Mitchell Street

I’m guessing that one of the advantages – or disadvantages – of running a franchised food establishment is that the punter judges all outlets by their experience at just one. Why shouldn’t they all be alike? You would expect a successful, proliferate even, franchise like The Coffee Club to have a set of strong, established policies and procedures that are tried and tested. And why not; for if one suffers, then the image of all suffers.

This then gives rise to my hypothesis that fortunately – or unfortunately – as long as humans are involved in fresh food preparation, the results will vary, regardless of policies and procedures. Sometimes considerably. No two places will be equal – within and amongst themselves…

And so, I recently found myself at The Coffee Club – Mitchell Street, enjoying coffee and cake after work with my better half.

Readers familiar with my tales of adventure will recount a not-so-pleasant coffee and cakes experience at one other Coffee Club. I am pleased to say that this current blog is not merely a repeat, or a rerun. This installment supports my hypothesis.

On this occasion the order was a skinny flat white and apple slice from the cakes window.

We had arrived 20 minutes before closing time. I strongly suspect that at some point before we visited the staff had given up clearing the tables for the day and would – perhaps – clean the entire dining area once the doors were finally closed. It was hard to find a clean table.

However we were promptly served with a chilled apple slice that, considering the time of day, was remarkably fresh and firm. A sweet, crisp base layered with apple slices and topped with a fairly traditional crumble.

With the other recent Coffee Club experience in mind, it was with some trepidation that I started sipping the coffee this visit. However any doubts I had were dashed by a simply flavoursome brew: not too frothy, not too hot. Perhaps not my kind of roast, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Apart from the general appearance of the place at pre-closing time, there was little to fault. I generally find it hard justifying some of the prices The Coffee Club charge for sweet treats, but when they are served up this fresh and tasty, I can overlook the price tag. Especially when the service was this quick and cheerful.

Overall, a pleasant enough experience to finish the working day off with.

Hypothesis becomes theory – the people make the difference.

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