The Coffee Club – The Quarter

You may be familiar with Shakespeare’s line from the Merchant of Venice; “All that glisters is not gold…”. That pretty much sums up a recent coffee and cake expedition to The Coffee Club while on a shopping spree at Casuarina Square. It was early afternoon and evidently just after the lunch rush.

We have taken to sitting at the tables and chairs outside at the Coffee Clubs cafe at The Quarter recently. This is generally because it is hard to walk through the inside of the cafe without having to dodge food and muck on the floor while trying to find a cleaned table. However when selecting a table outside on this visit the initial observations were consistent with the inside experiences. The first table had had a meal spilled under neath the table which, judging my the number of flies hovering around and dried ice cram across the chairs, it had been like that for some time. The second table was presented better.

On this visit I simply had a skinny flat white coffee and a piece of caramel slice.

The coffee and slice arrived at the same time and was presented by a polite and courteous server. That, perhaps, was the highlight of the visit.

The coffee to taste was lukewarm and insipid. Moving the froth aside visually it was white and milky. What I would usually describe to others as being ‘warm milk with a splash of coffee’. Considering a flat white (and I as a rule order small cups, not mugs) is to contain one or two shots of espresso, depending which authority you read, I am surprised what then happened to the taste.

For similar reasons, the caramel slice didn’t hit the mark for me either. The chocolate topping featured a white marbling effect and just tasted of plain milk chocolate. The caramel fudge layer was as pale in colour as my milky coffee and tasted simply of sweetened condensed milk. There was just a little hint of caramel flavour. Despite being a rather thick layer of caramel fudge compared to the chocolate topping, the overriding flavour of the slice was that of the chocolate. However, I feel that the real disappointment here was the base. It was damp and soggy. If I hazard a guess as to what may have happened here I would suggest that the caramel slice had been frozen at some point and allowed to thaw out before serving. Perhaps the thawing process had affected the base.

All up, a rather disappointing visit. More-so coming from a cafe whose name suggests that they would specialise in making the perfect cup of coffee.

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