Lucky Bat Cafe

Searching for new cafes is often like fossicking. Keep searching, never give up, and you’ll turn up some gems. That is exactly how this cafe was stumbled upon.
After driving around one day and finding other cafes either closed or full, the Lucky Bat came to mind as a word of mouth recommendation. This is such a great find. One of those great places that, like a gem field, you really want to keep it all to yourself, but in reality the benefit of sharing it with others far outweighs hoarding it to yourself.
The cafe is located along the rear stretch of Nightcliff shops on Pavonia Place. It features a rustic DIY feel which makes you feel like you’re sitting in your friends backyard. Indeed, there is even a courtyard seating area at the rear of the cafe amongst boxes of herbs and vegetables being grown. The atmosphere and ambiance of the cafe is amazing.
So are the wait staff – courteous, efficient and obviously dedicated to their craft. The main seating area is located around the kitchen area with a range of home made sweet and savoury slices in the counter window. I thought I knew what I was ordering when I recently visited, only to change my mind when I read the specials board at the counter. Baghdad eggs it was. And a skinny flat white coffee.
The coffee never fails to impress here. I drink a lot of coffee. Far too much coffee. And so when I’m out and about I’ll just order a cup (or small). Coffee at Lucky Bat is about the only time I wish I had a longer coffee.
The Baghdad eggs were described along the lines of fried eggs served on a flat bread topped with feta cheese, Mediterranean herbs and middle eastern spices. To tell you the truth I had no idea what to expect, yet it was an interesting combination that was super tasty.
Prompt delivery to the table of tea and coffee is good in one respect, but not when it’s completely drunk before the meal arrives. Maybe I should order the mug of coffee in future.
The flatbread was generous, if not oversized and (for me) perhaps a touch on the oily side. The eggs were lightly fried, sunny side up as they should be, with the whites just set and yolks runny. The soft feta added the perfect amount of salt, and by adding cracked pepper the seasoning was complete. The spices were subtle and the herbs non-existent. I am aware that the nice strong coffee may have dulled my palette to the spices, but it’s a shame about the herbs. Should there have been a shake of finely chopped herbs? or perhaps a tumble of leaves featuring basil, rocket, flat parsley, etc….? I’m not sure. I know I should have asked, but not to worry.
Because I find that one of the quirks about Lucky Bat is the variance between repeat orders. Having sat near the kitchen several times and casually observing, it’s rare that the same chef dresses my meal at the pass. This may be perceived as inconsistency to some, but to me it keeps my interest alive; I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the meal on the day. And so, the next time I choose the Baghdad eggs I will look forward to see how the dish is served.
One of those days perhaps? I’m not sure. But I can’t wait to go back to try more from the menu.



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